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Everything QuickSearch

Uploaded: 2018-01-06 10:11:34pm

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"Everything" is a a freeware program developed by VoidTools.

"Everything QuickSearch" is a very simple AutoHotkey Script that creates a global hotkey to open "Everything" and automatically select the Search Bar. The script then automatically closes "Everything" once you're done searching. It's just like when searching using the start menu, the only difference being that you get "Everything"'s great search engine, instead of the default crappy Windows 10 search function.

To activate the search function, press the Windows Key + F at the same time. "Everything" will then show and focus, automatically closing when you're done.


How to use:

  1. Download and extract the zip file anywhere you'd like.
  2. Open the "everythingPath.txt" file, and input the path to "Everything.exe" (If you didn't change the  Install Path for "Everything", ignore this step)
  3. Launch the "Everything Search.exe" file
  4. Try pressing WIndows Key + F to launch Everything, and test if it works

This next steps are optional, but if you don't do the next steps, you'll have to manually start "Everything Search.exe" each time you restart your computer.

  1. Create a shortcut of "Everything Search.exe"
  2. Place the shortcut in 
  3. You're all set!

In the zip file you'll also find "Everything Search.ahk". If you have AutoHotkey installed you can reprogram the hotkey, or make other changes to the script by editing this file.

Disclaimer: For some unkown reason, Everything dosn't always close once you're done searching. Will probably be fixed sometime later. (Maybe)